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    University of Helsinki

    • Kluuvi, Finland
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      University founded in Turku in 1640 as the Royal Academy of Turku. In 1828 he was transferred to Helsinki - closer to the administrative authorities. In 1944, some university buildings were destroyed by the Soviet bombardment.

      The campus is divided into four parts, each of which has its own research direction. The central campus (Keskustakampus) located Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Theology and Law, as well as branches open University. In Meilahti (Meilahti) are students of the Medical Faculty. Mathematics, geography, geology and meteorology are located on the campus of Kumpula (Kumpulan kampus). Students Faculty of Agriculture, as well as pharmacists and veterinarians are engaged in Viikki (Viikki). In addition, the university has a number of regional seysmalagіchnyh stations. And in January 2012 at the University opened a new Research Center of Russia.

      According to the Times, the university has reduced the position since 2012 and is no longer among the hundred most prestigious universities in the world, and hundreds of European occupies 30th place.

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