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    Helsinki Central Station

    • Helsinki, Finland
    • Helsinki Central Station$$
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      Railway station in Helsinki - known in the world of Finnish architecture. It is built in the style of the Northern Art Nouveau architect Eliel Saarinen.

      The first station in Helsingfors (Helsinki) was built in 1861. With the development of the railways, the growth of industry and trade has increased significantly passenger traffic, which the old building no longer cope. In this connection, in December 1903 a competition was announced on the draft of the new station building and the administrative building. The first prize was awarded to the project Eliel Saaryn.
      Construction began in 1905. The administrative building was completed in 1909, the station - in 1914. Podremontirovali little, it was opened as a train station in 1919. Construction at a cost of 7 million. FIM.

      Contemporaries took station "with a bang", not only in Finland, but also in other countries. The building has been used modern design, in particular, concrete vaults of the entrance hall. Simple and convenient floor plan - there can not be lost. Enliven this generally dryish architecture shapes on the sides of the main entrance, with lanterns in their hands (sculptor Emil Wikström). The building is decorated with a clock tower height of 48, 5 meters. One of the walls of the restaurant hall is decorated with paintings of the artist E. Jarnefelt, Lake reflects Pielisyarvi.

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