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    Sailboat "Finnish Swan"

    • Itaeranta, Finland
    • Sailboat "Finnish Swan"$$
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      Ship "Finnish Swan" was built in Saint-Nazaire in 1902 and was part of a series of cargo ships that have been funded with support from the French government. Sailboat served for the transportation of goods between Europe and North and South America, as well as Australia. In the future, the ship was sold to Germany, and then the Finnish state bought it as a training ship for the Navy.

      In 1991, "Finnish Swan" was transferred to the city of Turku, which was repairing ships. The forum «Marinum Foundation" is responsible for the content and activities of the museum ship. The museum is open to the public during the summer. New main exhibition is "Five Treasure lives of our nations", which was opened on board in the summer of 2009.

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