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    Amos Anderson Art Museum

    • Helsinki, Finland
    • Amos Anderson Art Museum$$
    • +358 96844460
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    • Amos Anderson Art Museum is located in Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. The building, which now houses the museum was built in 1913. Then in this house still lived Amos Anderson, and after his death, in 1965, this house was turned into a museum.

      It may seem that if the museum is named after Amos Anderson, the museum should be his personal belongings. But this is a mistake. In fact, there are exhibited works of Finnish art, primarily of the XX century. This work not only of art, but also the art of architecture, photography and various other application areas. The first work that went into the exposition, were selected from the personal collection of Amos Anderson.

      The museum is located on the upper floors and the ground floor will house shops and cafes, as an additional advantage of this place.

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