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    Cultural and historical center «Carelicum»

    • Joensuu, Finland
    • Cultural and historical center «Carelicum»$$
    • +358 (013) 267 5222
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      Joensuu is a living growing city in eastern Finland, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the achievements of urbanization and the Finnish nature. The city was founded in 1848 by Russian Emperor Nicholas I.

      In the center of the city near the market square in the historic former bank is cultural and historical center "Carelicum". Visitors can find here the history of the region from the Ice Age to the present day. On the ground floor of the complex works reference point for tourists and office, where you can buy tickets for events and performances that take place here. In addition to exhibitions and permanent exhibitions are regularly held in the center of musical performances, readings and other cultural event.

      North Karelian Museum, located here, tell visitors about the history and culture of Karelia on both sides of the border. In 2011, the museum opened a new permanent exhibition which tells of the long history of the region, its culture and way of life.  

      Of course, will not go unheeded, and the youngest visitors of the complex - in the center of town is fabulous for children «Mukulakatu», as well as a café-restaurant Aino-Sofia.

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