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    Fortress "Olavinlinna"

    • Savonlinna, Finland
    • Fortress "Olavinlinna"$$
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      Construction of the fortress "Olavinlinna" began in 1475 to protect the strategically important area of ​​Savo. The founder of the fortress is a Danish knight Erik Axelsson Totti. The fortress was built to strengthen the troubled border between Russia and Finland, which at that time a part of Sweden. The task of the fortress was a reflection attacks Novgorod and security of border areas strategically important region belongs to the Swedes.

      Fortress "Olavinlinna" was repeatedly property is Russian, the Swedes. Both sides have contributed to the construction. In the XVIII century, the commandant of the fortress was a Russian general Alexander Suvorov, he also supervised the reconstruction.

      Since the beginning of the 20th century, the fortress was used as a concert venue - the first concert took place in 1912. In 1965, the tradition of the Savonlinna Opera Festival was revived, and now they are held every summer. On the scene of a medieval fortress sound voices of artists from around the world. This is a major cultural event in Finland, attracts many visitors to the country.

      Fortress "Olavinlinna" is the main attraction of the city of Savonlinna. Its doors are open to visitors all year round.

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