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    Kajaani Art Museum

    • Kajaani, Finland
    • Kajaani Art Museum$$
    • +358 (0)8 6155 2599
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      Kajaani Art Museum was opened in April 1993. The exposition of the museum is located in the former police station, designed by architect Eino Pitkänen.

      Two floors together provide about 300 m2 of wall to accommodate exhibits. Four well-lit rooms of the exhibition are different in size and shape, creating a variety of options to showcase works of art. Each year, the Art Museum organizes about five temporary exhibitions of foreign and Finnish art. An interesting fact is that the old police cells preserved in its original form and can also be used to host exhibitions.

      When the museum was opened in 1993, he took over responsibility for the independent acquisition of works of art. At the moment, his collection includes 760 works of 100 different artists. The main emphasis is on the works of Finnish artists 80s-90s. Among them are works by such masters as Johan Blomsted, Carolus Enckell, Tapio Yunna and others. Over the past few years, the collection is mainly replenished by donations to the arts in the region of Kainuu.

      One of its main objectives the museum defines a wider audience of art education, as well as a comprehensive picture of art.

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