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    Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oulu

    • Puolivalinkangas, Finland
    • Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oulu$$
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      Oulu - it is the sixth largest city in Finland. It is located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia in the west of Finland. Is a major economic, educational and cultural center, which has more than 90 thousand inhabitants. One of the most interesting places in Oulu can be called Evangelical Lutheran Cathedral.

      The cathedral was built in 1777, designed by Daniel Hagman. However, during a fire in 1822 most of the wooden buildings of Oulu has been destroyed, and the cathedral, too, was badly damaged. Rebuilding took almost 10 years. Served as the foundation stone walls, but Some changes were made in terms of roof and steeple. There was also a new central dome. So complete renovation was completed only in 1845. And in 1997, was built is still a cellar in the basement.

      At present, the Cathedral is a neo-classical building, with its inherent straight lines, surfaces and easy processing of marble and gilding. Able to accommodate up to a thousand people, it retains the festive atmosphere greatness. In addition to such large-scale traditional cathedrals body inside you can see a huge layout of the ship, which hangs under the arches. This is a tribute to the sailors who express so thank God for saving their lives.

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