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    Helsinki Central Station

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    Railway station in Helsinki known in the world of Finnish architecture It is built in the style of the Northern Art Nouveau architect Eliel Saarinen The first station in Helsingfors (Helsinki) was built in 1861 With the development of the railways... attractions, Cultural objects

    Natural History Museum of Helsinki

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    Museum of Natural History at the University of Helsinki is located in the city center near the metro station Kamppi It occupies four storey mansion built in the classical style The building can be easily recognized by the moose sculpture mounted on... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Restaurant "Ravintola Karljohan"

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    Restaurant Ravintola Karljohan is one of the most prestigious in Helsinki Finland He is known for its magnificent interior high level of service as well as a variety of dishes of Scandinavian and European cuisine Having been here at least once  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant Lappi

    • /en/page/restoran-lappi
    Restaurant Lappi it's a great atmospheric restaurant Scandinavian cuisine which is used for cooking only organic food produced locally Once here you will feel in this old house in Lapland     The restaurant will offer you a menu in Russian where... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument Baron Mannerheim

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-baronu-mannergej ...
    Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim known personality in history especially the history of Finland and Russia Under native Mannerheim had a lot of generals and statesmen as well as scientists in Sweden and Finland Mannerheim image reflected in various... attractions, Cultural objects

    Sculpture "Gone knights"

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    The sculpture that went Knights is an unusual figure who symbolizes that women receive the right to be elected to Parliament in 1906 It is not far from the Small Parliament The monument has a very unusual name   it was established in 1982 and... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Kiasma Museum

    • /en/page/muzej-kiasma
    Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma one of the most visited museums in Finland Kiasma Museum belongs to the Finnish National Gallery along with the Art Museum Athenaeum The museum was opened September 1 1990 At first he was in a temporary building and... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Amos Anderson Art Museum

    • /en/page/muzej-iskusstva-amosa-ande ...
    Amos Anderson Art Museum is located in Helsinki which is the capital of Finland The building which now houses the museum was built in 1913 Then in this house still lived Amos Anderson and after his death in 1965 this house  was turned into a... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument "Three smith"

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-tri-kuznetsa
    In Helsinki you can see the fabulous monument A long time ago in a witch had a beautiful daughter who wanted to marry the smith who could forge happiness It was believed that blacksmiths forge will not only weapons jewelry   but the light or the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Finnish Museum of Natural History

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    Finnish Museum of Natural History a museum the main object of which is to study evolution The museum is located in Finland in the heart of Helsinki near the Kamppi The museum has five rooms of which four permanent exhibitions are presented   and... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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